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Hunter Has More of a Red Con­no­ta­tion

Crazy la­dy: Ex­cuse me! Girls, can you adopt a dog or a cat? You know that many an­i­mals need homes.
Chick #1: Oh, we’d love to, but we can’t have pets.
Chick #2: Yeah, our dorms don’t al­low an­i­mals
Crazy la­dy: Oh, you’re in col­lege?
Chick #1: Yeah.
Crazy la­dy: At the law school?
Chick #3: No, Hunter.
Crazy la­dy: I thought that Hunter was for the Blacks.

–23rd & Lex­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Kait­lyn


Guy #1: Okay…Wow…This one time in Madi­son I was so drunk…I was try­ing to get this soror­i­ty girl to come home with me and she said she would if I got rid of her ex-boyfriend (he was hang­ing out with us.) That’s all I re­mem­ber from that night! I woke up the next morn­ing, in bed, soak­ing wet, with a pulled groin mus­cle and scrapes all over my knees and el­bows!
Guy #2: What the fuck?
Guy #1: Yeah! I had to ask around to find out what hap­pened. Ap­par­ent­ly, I sor­ta, uh, fell in the lake in Madison–I pulled my groin mus­cle there–then I pulled my­self out and crawled home on hands and knees since I could­n’t walk.
Guy #2: What…the fuck…?

–B1 bus

Over­heard by: Justin Fores

Al­so, Our Eyes aren’t Open as Wide

Col­lege chick #1: Have you ever no­ticed it al­ways gets dark re­al­ly ear­ly dur­ing this time of year?
Col­lege chick #2: Yeah, I no­ticed it, too. But I was think­ing that since it’s gen­er­al­ly cloudi­er in au­tumn and win­ter that it re­al­ly is­n’t dark out ear­li­er, it’s just re­al­ly cloudy.
Col­lege chick #1: Wow, that makes so much sense!