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The Present of an Illusion

Girl: They’re making a musical of Siegfried and Roy’s life.
Guy: Didn’t they do that on Friends already?
Girl: They did?
Guy: Yeah, remember Joey was the singing psychiatrist?

–Wall & Exchange 

Girl #1: I wish we coulda seen those magicians with the tigers, but they don’t perform anymore…
Girl #2: You mean Sigmund Freud and Roy?

–Circulo Theater, E. 4th Street

Overheard by: scott cendali 

Snapple Fact: No One Was in the Men’s Room

A wheeltard, one leg a stump, grows more and more agitated while waiting for someone to come out of the men’s room. He starts banging his chair repeatedly into the door. Finally it opens. He rolls into the doorway.

Wheeltard: I could kick your motherfucking ass if I had another leg, motherfucker! How do you know I don’t have a gun? In fact, I do have a gun!

–McDonald’s, Delancey Street

Overheard by: Sarah T. 

Blondie is a Group!

Crazy man: Why do blondes only hang out with other blondes? Why do blondes only hang out with other blonds? Why do blonds only hang out with other blonds?
Chick: Shut up.
Crazy man: Hey Blondie, I wasn’t asking you.

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: Thompson Patton