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“That’s Jacks the Ripper, love.”

American girl: So when does Kitty’s plane get in?
British guy: I don’t know…I think 12:30. I’m really nervous about her moving in.
American girl: Why?
British guy: Because you know she is going to expect me to marry her.
American girl: Well, you need to get married. You need to have little Jack the Rippers running around.

–2nd Avenue between 51st & 52nd

Never, Ever Smoke Mustelid Hair

Black guy #1: I got all depressed after I lost my hair.
Black guy #2: You what?
Black guy #1: My hair; I got depressed when I lost it.
Black guy #2: I didn’t know you had a ferret!
Black guy #1: Shit yeah, but halfway through I decided to shave it.
Black guy #2: You shaved a fucking ferret? What the hell you do that for, nigga?
Black guy #1: I just hated losing it, so I shaved it.
Black guy #2: Man, I’m fucked up.
Black guy #1: Me too.

–Union Square Regal Cinemas men’s room

I Didn’t Know They Could Be Hivebroken

Drunk dude: I’ve always wanted a pet bee. You know? That would be so cool. To have a pet bee. I’d take it for a walk every day and show it to the neighbors. And they’d be so amazed that I had a pet bee!
Guy #1: How would you take a bee for a walk?
Drunk dude: I’d tie a little string around its neck. Like a leash, you know?
Guy #2: I didn’t know that bees had a neck.


Overheard by: Eric Roitman 

Ah, The Clinton Years

Skinny guy: You get unemployment benefits?
Fat guy: It’s great. You just file and you’re done.
Skinny guy: What does that mean?
Fat guy: They give you free dough.
Skinny guy: It’d be great if sex were like that, unemployment. You could be like, “Hey, I haven’t gotten any in 6 months and I want some so I’m filing for sex, please.” And they’d be like, “Oh man, this dude hasn’t gotten it in months; send him a hooker!” And it’d be two stoned guys, fat white guys in a donut-filled government office with escort’s numbers all over the walls.

–4 train

Overheard by: Andrew Gamache