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Well, He’s Not in a Coma!

Girl: Yeah…but I have my period, so we can’t have sex.
Guy: That doesn’t matter. See? It just shows that I love you.
Girl: What it shows is that you want head.

–St. Marks & 3rd

Overheard by: Brock 

It Was One Hell of a Long Delivery

Twin girl #A: It’s my birthday on Sunday…
Unique girl #1: Oh, so like, your sister was the one whose birthday it was Thursday. God, this must be so confusing for you guys.
Unique girl #2: Um, no, I highly doubt it is. They’re twins; they were born on the same day!
Unique girl #1: Did your parents just change it on the birth certificate to make it less confusing…or what? I would’ve just let you guys keep the different birthdays.

–40th & 5th 

This Queer Thing Makes More and More Sense

Girl: We should totally start pretending to go out and make out in public, and then everyone will be like, “But I thought Mark was gay?”. And they’ll all be so confused.
Mark: Okay, I’m down, but you’re gonna have to get me like 6 shots of Jagermeister before we start.
Girl: Why do you need to be drunk? I’m pretty! 

–116th Street 1 station