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I’ll Go Get the Jack Daniels

Little girl: What I don’t get is why Majestic stabbed Fifty. He already shot him like 9 times.
Little boy: Majestic didn’t stab Fifty! He got his boy to stab Fifty for him, and he did it because Fifty was still alive.
Little girl: I couldn’t survive 9 shots. I could barely survive a half.

–1 train

He’s Feeling You Out, Dude

Guy #1: So my daughter saw me peeing the other day and says, “Daddy, what’s that?” And I say, “Penis.” And she’s like, “Peanuts?” And I’m like, “No, penis!” And she’s like, “Peanuts!” And I’m like,
pe-nis!” And she’s like, “pea-nuts!”
Guy #2: Why are you holding your arms out when you say “penis”?

–Heartland Brewery, 6th Avenue

Overheard by: GeeGoo

The Preferred Term is “Coach”

Dude #1: Hey, look at that guy.
Dude #2: What guy?
Dude #1: That guy, he just moved behind the thing. Is he staring at those kids?
Dude #3: Maybe he’s a kid aficionado. 

–Downtown Brooklyn

Overheard by: brendon

The Actors Received a Promotion

Girl #1: I don’t watch CSI, I watch Law and Order.
Cop #1 & #2: Yes!
Girl #2: Can you get us tickets?
Cop #1: Yeah, if you give us $100 each.
Girl #2: How long have you been cops?
Cop #2: 2 years.
Girl #1: Damn, the police on SVU are way more experienced. That show’s been running, like, 9 years.
Cop #1: Yes, but the cops on SVU are detectives.

–50th & 6th

Overheard by: Emma Marie