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Take a Deep Breath, Wednesday One-liners

Girl on cell: If you beat somebody up real bad and they press charges, how much time can you get for that?…No, if they press charges against you.


Overheard by: Katie C

Boy, 5: Lady, I’m gonna cut off your head and feed it to my family.

–14th & 2nd

Overheard by: djlindee 

Not Quite a Match with Wednesday One-liners

Guy: Oh, excuse me!…Want to make out?

–Centre & Chambers

Overheard by: Chris 

Older man: …so they served these smaller things, like appetizers, in between the three main courses. You know how many they gave us? Four! There were four intercourses…

–West 53 Street office

Girl on cell: He shoots dope and smokes crack! I can’t think of a worse person for you to sleep with!…well, yeah, I guess… 

–81st & Madison

Girl: I’d blow him every day if he’d let me drive his beamer more.

–Sheep’s Meadow

Tween girl: Shit, if I were 21, and he was like, “Yo, do you want some
beer?”, I’d be like, “Shit, only if you got a hotel room.” ’cause then
we could, like, go in it.

–Starbucks, 34th & 7th

Overheard by: marissa 

Daily News guy: …and I said, “Just take me now, bitch!”

–Bar 288, Elizabeth Street

DMV guy: Who’s here for oral? Did anyone in this line sign up for oral?

–DMV, Atlantic Avenue Center

Overheard by: RMC

Wednesday One-liners, Where Are You?

Guy on cell: Where am I? I’m always some place watching some crazy shit. I’m watching some motherfuckin’ Indian shit, son. Some shit from some country. They’re doing a rain dance, son. It’s gonna motherfuckin’ rain soon. They’re doing a motherfuckin’ rain dance, son. They’re dancing and shit.

–St. Mark’s Church

Overheard by: Alex Romanovich

Woman: Where are all the restaurants?

–Times Square station

Overheard by: Kate

Woman on cell: Where am I? I’m at home; I’m just about to go down and get a cab. Where are you?

–Gristede’s, 63rd & West End

Overheard by: Susan Volchok 

Driving guy: Is this Brooklyn?

–Central Park

Overheard by: Captain Obvious

Driving guy: Excuse me, which way is Manhattan?

–40th & Broadway

Girl: Excuse me sir, how do you get to Times Square?

–42nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Mitchell Linetti

Man on cell: No, no. I’ll never make it. I’m still in Jersey.

–85th & 2nd

Overheard by: JDH 

Wednesday One-liners Are All Over the Map

Fat chick: Every single website, every newspaper, if it’s under
$200,000, it’s in China.

–Starbucks, Astor Place

Drunk guy: So, where would you want to get your gall bladder taken out: France or New York?

–1st Avenue & 3rd Street

Overheard by: Lisa H.

Girl: Oh, look. It says, “I Heart Someone in Austin”!…Oh…with autism. Never mind.

–W. 249th & Independence, The Bronx

Overheard by: Bianca Townshend 

College girl: The real reason I went to San Francisco is that I wanted to go to Japan, but that was as far as I could afford.

–14th Street 1÷2÷3 station

Overheard by: Kevin Sheldon

Girl:…so do you actually eat Lucky Charms in Ireland?

–Wall & Broad

Overheard by: David McG

Guy: Is that a cruise ship? Oh no, wait. It’s New Jersey.

–Sunset Park rooftop

Overheard by: c dub

Wednesday One-liners, Jr.

Mom: Maybe if you listen to me more you’ll get to see Mr. Snap Crackles…Mommy’s going to call him now.

–Central Park

Overheard by: Jake Glazier

Chick on cell :…and then the other day, I had a little baby! Yeah!

–116th & Broadway

NY Post guy: It’s been confirmed! He’s dead! Harry Potter is dead! Killed in a magic train bus explosion. Read it here!

–Penn Station

Guy: …and you can’t get birthmarks shaped like WB characters.

–Teany, Rivington St.

But I’d Care If My Burger Were Run Over

Old Italian lady #1: Your cat’s gonna get hit!
Asian Lady: Wha?
Old Italian lady #1: Your cat: it’s in the street! Someone’s gonna run over it!
Asian lady: Huh?
Old Italian lady #1: Your ca–
Old Italian lady #2: She doesn’t care about the cat. Those Orientals, they eat cats. 

–Carroll Gardens bodega