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And Go Back to Frisco with Your Pathetic Friends

Girl #1: Do you have a cold or something?
Girl #2: No…It’s my allergies. It’s not like this where I’m from.
Girl #1: Where are you from again?
Girl #2: Arizona.
Girl #1: Oh, pollen and stuff?
Girl #2: No, all these crowds and their germs. It’s not like that out West.

–C train

Overheard by: BBW 

Girl: Shoot! I’m sorry.
Guy: So where are you from? Because I know it’s not New York if you say “shoot!”.

–Union Square Regal Cinemas

Overheard by: Jeff Hubbard

Guy on cell: Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty cool out here I guess…you should totally come visit…It’s just…sometimes I feel like New York is just one big Ann Arbor.

–Houston & Suffolk

Overheard by: jesse

Man: We’re not from here. We’re from Pennsylvania, where they’re normal.

–B63 bus

Waiter: How was everything tonight?
Woman: Absolutely wonderful! This was some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had! And you can take my word for it. I’m from Colorado. We know Mexican food.

–Mexico Lindo, 2nd Avenue

Overheard by: Carol

Get to Atoning, New York

Smoker guy #1: …I won’t be in on Thursday cause of Yom Kippur.
Smoker guy #2: You can’t come to work?
Smoker guy #1: Can’t work, can’t eat, can’t drink.
Smoker guy #2: Can’t eat or drink anything?
Smoker guy #1: Nothing from sundown to sundown.
Smoker guy #2: Jesus!
Smoker guy #1: Wrong.

–49th & 8th

Part of a building under construction fell off into another house, summoning 10 fire trucks. 

Lady: See? Maybe this will teach those Jews from building them so high.


Boss lady: She needs to get her ass back to work and finish this shit up. I hate these 2 days Jews; tomorrow she’ll be eating a bacon cheeseburger.

–Office, Wall Street