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Just Put Them on a Teenage Boy and Rub

Fash­ion­ista #1: Did you do your laun­dry yet?
Fash­ion­ista #2: Yeah, I used a ser­vice called the Laun­dry Spa, it’s like they gave a fa­cial to my cash­mere sweater.
Fash­ion­ista #1: Wow, I have a pair of jeans that could re­al­ly use a fa­cial.

–Bleeck­er off 11th street

Over­heard by: L Co­hen

First the Gum Snaps, Then the New York­ers Do

A guy pops his gum.

An old­er woman stands up and yells: Do you think I don’t hear you? I’ve asked sev­er­al times, who is pop­ping their gum, and every­one looks around, and it was you! You can’t do that in a pub­lic place! It’s a vi­o­lent sound! Now, will you be able to con­trol your­self, or will I have to run away from you?

–Penn Sta­tion