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We’ve Clearly Won the Education Battle

Guy on cell: Holy shit, she’s too fucking old to get AIDS. The virus would be like “Ew, fuck that, she’s old.” 

–F train

Overheard by: Glynnis

A blocked sewer grate causes a nasty-looking puddle. A Black guy steps over it and says: This shit’s disgusting. This is how we all get AIDS.

–23rd & Park

Overheard by: Erica

Happy Sodom & Gomorrah Day, New York!

Lesbian #1: Huh. There seems to be a disproportionate number of queers around here.
Lesbian #2: Darling, we’re on Christopher Street. 

–Christopher Street

Boy: Mom, I want gadgets!
Mother: No, Trevor. Not those gadgets. 

–Christopher Street

Thug #1: Why would I pay $170 for new Jordans, when I can pay $250 for a pair of Pradas?
Thug #2: I hear dat.
Thug #1: Plus I’m sure to get more ass in Pradas. 

–JFK Airtrain

Overheard by: les koh

Latin guy: What are you staring at?
White guy: I can’t get over how beautiful the bartender is. Look at her, she looks like a movie star.
Latin guy: That’s a guy.
White guy: I know. 

–The Stonewall, Christopher Street

Chick on cell: Yo, I’m going to that gay parade, those people are doin’ it. Those boys be makin’ each other cum. 

–Target, Atlantic Avenue

Taste Nasty, Even With a Chaser

Man on cell: Dave? Hi, it’s Vince…fine, and you? Great. Listen, Dave, my boss was really interested in your video work, and he’d love to see more…yes, right. He’s going to want you to come in for an interview. But I have to ask you a question, okay? How do you feel about cum shots? 

–Broadway & 52nd

Overheard by: Meg Kane