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Your Wish Has Been Granted; Where’s the Blow?

Chick #1: I need to buy some coke for the house after this…Coca-Cola.
Chick #2: Oh! You need to clarify these things. I was picturing a big
jar of cocaine in your living room or something.
Chick #1: That would be the hottest thing ever! I keep saying these absurd things hoping someone will put it in Overheard in New York. 

–Loews Theater, 86th & Lexington

At Least We Know the Korean Guy Doesn’t Hate Chinese People

2 Black teens sit at a table together, comparing the shopping they’ve just done. One gets up to ask for a cigarette from a middle-aged Asian dude sitting nearby. The Asian dude ignores the teen.

Black teen #1: Man, I hate Chinese people.
Black teen #2: Yo son, watch what you’re saying. Look around you.
Black teen #1: I don’t give a shit, man! I fucking hate
Chinese people.
Black teen #2: Besides, I’m pretty sure they’re Korean.

–Greenstreets, 32nd & Broadway

Overheard by: enkie