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They Should Have Let Him Run With It

Guy: Do you think I should have a K at the be­gin­ning of my name?
Girl #1: What?
Guy: Well, you know how trendy peo­ple have a silent let­ter in their names some­times. I think I want to do that. Just put a K at the be­gin­ning.
Girl #2: …Then your name would be KShawn.
Girl #1: No one would leave the K silent you id­iot. They’d call you “Kuh-Shawn.”
Guy: Why are you laughing?…Oh, is it too eth­nic?

–Bow­ery Ball­room

Es­pe­cial­ly That Elec­tric Bi­fo­cal Lush Franklin

Girl on cell: You know, you ought to can­cel your Ju­ly 4th par­ty and make it hap­pen on Ju­ly 16th so I can crash…What do you mean, Ju­ly 4th on­ly hap­pens once? Ju­ly 16th could be Ju­ly 4th. Just buy some il­le­gal fire­works, put on some Amer­i­can pops or­ches­tral mu­sic, and bar­beque some chick­en, and there you go…I’m sure our fore­fa­thers were still cel­e­brat­ing on Ju­ly 16th. They were prob­a­bly wast­ed off of their ass­es!


Over­heard by: Megan C.