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They Should Have Let Him Run With It

Guy: Do you think I should have a K at the beginning of my name?
Girl #1: What?
Guy: Well, you know how trendy people have a silent letter in their names sometimes. I think I want to do that. Just put a K at the beginning.
Girl #2: …Then your name would be KShawn.
Girl #1: No one would leave the K silent you idiot. They’d call you “Kuh-Shawn.”
Guy: Why are you laughing?…Oh, is it too ethnic? 

–Bowery Ballroom

Especially That Electric Bifocal Lush Franklin

Girl on cell: You know, you ought to cancel your July 4th party and make it happen on July 16th so I can crash…What do you mean, July 4th only happens once? July 16th could be July 4th. Just buy some illegal fireworks, put on some American pops orchestral music, and barbeque some chicken, and there you go…I’m sure our forefathers were still celebrating on July 16th. They were probably wasted off of their asses! 


Overheard by: Megan C.