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She Didn’t Implement Her Plan Very Well

Hipster girl: I want him to think I’m clever, not some desperate a‑hole.
Hipster guy: Good luck!

–Central Park

Guy: Is that your boyfriend? I saw you guys making out at the bar.
Drunk girl: He’s just a friend. He’s whatever. I’ll probably be making out with you tomorrow.
Guy: That’s great.


Overheard by: Spooner 

Then Who’s Going to Make the Bag?

Sun-bathing girl #1: Uh oh, they’re bringing a dog into a No Dogs Allowed park.
Sun-bathing girl #2: I don’t understand that rule. I think it should be no kids or dogs allowed.
Sun-bathing girl #3: Yeah, I hate kids.
Sun-bathing girl #2: I’d kill a baby for a Birkin bag.

–Central Park

Overheard by: JB