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Hipster or Homeless?

Guy: Did you know that there are homeless people who live underground in the abandoned subway stations?
Girl: You mean like underground people? Wait, I’ve heard of them, they have a weird name!
Guy: Like “underground people”?
Girl: No, I saw it on Felicity.

–14th & 6th

Overheard by: peter 

Girl #1: Hey, I lived on the street with the street kids for like, six months. On the street. They were on drugs and stuff.
Girl #2: Why?
Girl #1: Because it was fun…It was really only on weekends, though.

–St. Marks

Guy: I’m sick of these homeless hipsters. It’s like, you’re fucking

–St. Marks & 1st 

A Lot Less Than Stupidity Should

Showering girl #1: So, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.
Showering girl #2: Oh really? I have one on my ankle!
Showering girl #1: What’s it of?
Showering girl #2: Well, it’s not so much a tattoo as, I guess, a birthmark.
Showering girl #1: …Well, does that hurt? 

–NYU Palladium Gym, E. 14th Street

That’s More Like a Commune

Guy: At some point, the fucking union of New York City deli workers must have met to decide breakfast would no longer be cheap.
Girl: You think they have a union or something?
Guy: Yeah, it’s called Chinatown.

–Water & Pine