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A Lot Less Than Stupidity Should

Showering girl #1: So, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.
Showering girl #2: Oh really? I have one on my ankle!
Showering girl #1: What’s it of?
Showering girl #2: Well, it’s not so much a tattoo as, I guess, a birthmark.
Showering girl #1: …Well, does that hurt? 

–NYU Palladium Gym, E. 14th Street

Can’t We All Just Do What Rodney King Said?

Black woman: I’ll mess you up! I’ll be waiting for you downstairs, you man-on-man faggot! White trash!
White queer: You don’t scare me! I’ve dealt with the feds, I can
deal with you!

–Welfare office, Boerum Hill

Overheard by: Sheep Overhearder

Black woman: Take that bag off your back.
White man: All it takes are two words: “excuse” and “me”.
Black woman: I’m not saying nothing to you.
White man: Sorry, I see that you only use your mouth for one thing, and that’s sucking dick.
Black woman: You are so rude. Take that back.
White man: Okay, I am sorry. I take it back. You also use your mouth for eating, as seen by the size of your enormous ass.

−−4÷5 train