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The Raw Pow­er of The Id­iot II

British la­dy: Oh, hel­lo there. Hel­lo there. What is your name?
Amer­i­can guy: His name is Ig­gy-Pup.
British la­dy: Oh, Ig­gy-pop? It’d be a lot fun­nier if his name was Ig­gy-pup.
Amer­i­can guy: It is.
British la­dy: You know. Like my dog, for ex­am­ple: Chomp­sky. Get it?
Amer­i­can guy: Yes, that’s nice.

–1 train

Over­heard by: James Gillece

This Gay Slang Gets Re­al­ly Odd Re­al­ly Quick

Woman #1: So I or­ga­nized my clos­et–
Woman #2: Ohmigod, I love that! It’s like a nat­ur­al high! Did you put things in box­es?
Woman #1: No, bags.
Woman #2: Ohmigod! Did you la­bel them?
Woman #1: Yeah, I put stick­ers on them.
Woman #2: Ohmigod, that’s great!

–14th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Anas­ta­sia

What An Ass

Guy: I don’t want to be drunk in front of her.
Girl: What? Why not?
Guy: I don’t want her to see me like that.
Girl: But face down on the floor is re­al­ly the on­ly way to see you.

–84th & 2nd

Over­heard by: mor­timer stack­en­danch