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They Must Be Chem­istry Ma­jors

Frat­boy #1: Did I tell you what Dan­ny said to me?
Frat­boy #2: No.
Frat­boy #1: Pulls me in­to his room, says, “I have two things to talk to you about. One, we can’t have so many house par­ties, be­cause the house does­n’t want that. And two, when we have house par­ties, on­ly I can go around hand­ing out acid, ’cause that’s what the house wants.”
Frat­boy #2: Whoa.
Frat­boy #1: I was like, “Dan­ny, you have pissed me off.” I walked out of there.

–Crunch, East 13th Street

Over­heard by: John Os­vald