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Prince Al­berts Ru­in An­oth­er Ec­cle­si­as­ti­cal Ca­reer

In­di­an guy: Yo, I nev­er told you I al­most be­came a monk.
White guy: Shut up. You se­ri­ous?
In­di­an guy: For re­al. I was this close. Be­fore I ap­plied for col­leges, I checked out what you had to do to be­come a monk.
White guy: I could­n’t pic­ture you as a monk. You don’t even go to church.
In­di­an guy: I know, right? I found out that they don’t al­low pierc­ings so I nev­er ap­plied.

–6 train

Over­heard by: Yas­min Hen­ning

Then He Sold Her a Mog­wai

Girl #1: I was on the sub­way once and missed my stop and end­ed up in Brook­lyn. Not hip­ster Brook­lyn, I’m talk­ing about fried chick­en and peo­ple sit­ting on curbs Brook­lyn.
Girl #2: Wow, were you scared?
Girl #1: Yeah, so I just asked a tooth­less 80 year old man where the clos­est sub­way sta­tion was.

–8th Street be­tween Uni­ver­si­ty & 5th

Over­heard by: Jas­min Liv­ingston

Then Ex­plain That St. Ig­natius Meno­rah

Guy #1: She’s re­al­ly re­li­gious, she even goes to a Je­suit school.
Girl #1: Oh! Like JTS?
Girl #2: What?
Girl #1: What? Is­n’t Je­suit an­oth­er word for Jew­ish? Like Or­tho­dox or some­thing?
Guy #1: Um, no.

–Co­lum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty