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That Must Have Been Some Orgy at the UN

Girl: God there are so many Chinos here. I hate Chinese people.
Guy: You’re so dis…What do they call it? Racist! That’s not a very good attribute to have, Christina.
Girl: The only people I like are Spanish people and white people.
Guy: I hope one day someone who’s black and Chinese and…80 other races all mixed together bitchslaps you in the face!

–Canal & Lafayette

Overheard by: nadja spiegelman

Where Are They Now? (A NYC Short Story)

Woman: What ever happened to Ceci?
Man: Ceci?
Woman: Yeah, Ceci. That little girl that got her fingers cut off. The pretty little crackhead with the beautiful soul.

–116th & Frederick Douglass

Overheard by: Melissa Berry 

Junkie lady: Wow, that thing is nice, what year is it?
Yuppie guy: ’06, I just got it.
Junkie lady: ’06? That shit ain’t even here yet. You better put that in a garage, nigga!
Yuppie guy: I don’t have money for that or for you. 


Overheard by: Art Vandelay