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Our Ed­i­tor Still Loves His Neigh­bor­hood

A Russ­ian man was block­ing the way out of the store.

Amer­i­can woman: Ex­cuse me.
Russ­ian man: I’m pick­ing my lemons.
Amer­i­can woman: Whadya want us all to do, play leapfrog over you? Move it please.
Russ­ian man: You’re stu­pid.
Amer­i­can woman: Stu­pid? I got one word for you. Cher­nobyl! How’s that for stu­pid? Bet you were work­ing there, you fuck­ing ass­hole. Now move it, you fuckin’ re­tard!


Over­heard by: Deb­o­rah Olin