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“…if you’re a tan­bot, that’s an­oth­er sto­ry.”

Bronz­ing Blonde: So this guy was like “I can’t tan in that bed, I’ll burn,” so I said, “Um, your last name is Gar­cia, you should­n’t burn that eas­i­ly.”
Bronz­ing Brunette: Se­ri­ous­ly? I mean just be­cause your last name is Gar­cia does­n’t mean it’s okay to be stu­pid.

–Tan­ning sa­lon, 7th Av­enue be­tween 38th & 39th

Gayest Over­heard Ever

Guy #1: Oh my god, did you hear that Tom Ford just left Chanel?!
Guy #2: Re­al­ly?! I can’t be­lieve it, he re­al­ly turned that brand around.

–Bergdorf Good­man shoe de­part­ment, 5th Ave.