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He Should Be Get­ting Her Drunk

Man: Do you work or go to school?
JAP: I work.
Man: Re­al­ly? Be­cause you look young.
JAP: How old do you think I am?
Man: 19?
JAP: Do you re­al­ly think you should be hit­ting on a 19 year old girl?

–Faluc­ka, Bleeck­er Street

She’s Call­ing It Rape Now?

Suit #1: So, they fired every­one in your de­part­ment, but they of­fered you to stick around for two months and help them with the tran­si­tion pe­ri­od?
Suit #2: Yeah, they said that there was a very good chance they would keep me on a per­ma­nent ba­sis if every­thing went well.
Suit #1: And you said…
Suit #2: I told them to go fuck them­selves. I mean, you can’t come in­to my house, rape my moth­er, and then ex­pect me to go out drink­ing with you.

–3 train

Over­heard by: J.J. Taveras