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The Poor Man’s Or­gas­ma­tron

Dude #1: Have you heard of the sleep­er?
Dude #2: No, what’s that?
Dude #1: It’s when you sit on your hand for five min­utes then rub one out. It feels like some­one else is jerk­ing you off.
Dude #2: I’m try­ing that as soon as I get home man, thanks!

–Mul­ber­ry St, Chi­na­town

Over­heard by: Jew­ess Jay

They Have 400 Words for “Tan”

Girl: I don’t look like an Es­ki­mo, I have a tan.
Guy: I thought Es­ki­mos were dark­er skinned.
Girl: [si­lence] Guy: I thought Es­ki­mos were dark­er. I think their skin is dark­er.
Girl: [si­lence] Guy: I think they have dark­er skin.
Girl: [si­lence] Guy: Any­way I think it’d be fun­ny to see you in an igloo.

–2/3 train