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At Least about the Mus­tache

Deaf Malay guy: My friends and I are think­ing of mak­ing a movie called ‘Hitler is Right.‘
Deaf gay guy: What was he right about?
Deaf Malay guy: About the Jews. If he had fin­ished what he start­ed, there would be no more Jews and the world would be bet­ter.
Deaf gay guy: And we would­n’t ex­ist ei­ther.
Deaf Malay guy: Why not?
Deaf gay guy: Be­cause he al­so killed non-Aryans, ho­mos, and deaf peo­ple.
Deaf Malay guy: Re­al­ly?
Deaf gay guy: Yes.
Deaf Malay guy: Oh. Well, I still think Hitler was right.

–Star­bucks, Times Square

Get in Line, Bud­dy

Girl on cell: You don’t play with my tits enough! You just go right to it, and avoid the girls! I need some tit­ty ac­tion!
Suit on cell, lis­ten­ing: I got­ta go, I have to try to pick this girl up. I’ve nev­er had a bet­ter come-on line in my life!

–Du­ane Reade, Colum­bus Ave

Over­heard by: VERON­I­CA