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Patriotic Feces? Old Navy’s New Product Line Is Genius!

Black lady with five kids: You can’t get anything here. We gots to get to Old Navy to buy us all our Fourth of July t‑shirts so we match at the picnic.
Black guy: They have the best deal. Shirts are five dollars each, that’s like [counts kids, self, and wife] less than twenty bucks for all of us, and even the baby shit has a flag on it.

–Target, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn

Overheard by: lora 

Unless It’s a Pleather Cow

A teen girl punches her father repeatedly in the arm.

Older sister: You know he can’t feel that, right? He’s wearing a leather jacket.
Teen girl: What?
Older sister: Yeah, that’s why motorcyclists wear leather, so they don’t get their skin scraped off when they go sliding across the pavement.
Teen girl: Oh! So if I punch a cow, it can’t feel it?

–The Plaza

That Thing You Wrote About Counting

Teen girl #1: I just don’t understand why people wait so long to have kids. Then you’re so old that you can’t relate to them. If I’d had a kid when I was like, eleven, he’d have been three by the time I was fourteen.
Teen girl #2: Yeah. I totally read something about this on your LiveJournal.

–Yaffa Cafe, St. Mark’s Place

Overheard by: Miriam