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I Wonder If Suit Needs a Hag

Girl #1: So yeah, it was really cold out there, and he had to keep
building fires cause they had no heat.
Girl #2: What?
Girl #1: Yeah, and also they had to keep this tea kettle on top of the
fireplace so it wouldn’t get dry.
Girl #2: What? Who lives like that?
Girl #1: What? They live in the country.
Girl #2: Yeah, but they had to like, chop wood. Who lives like that? I have heat.
Girl #1: Yeah, that’s ’cause you live on the Upper East Side.

–Columbia University

Dimebag, Handbag

Queer #1: I don’t think I’m as self-destructive as everybody actually thinks I am.
Queer #2: Perpetually relying on substances tells me you can’t handle things on your own.
Queer #1: I wouldn’t say I rely on them. They’re more like an accessory, like a handbag or a purse.

–82nd & 2nd 

Overheard by: McCarton Ackerman 

They Call That Rice

Guy #1: I had sushi last week.
Guy #2: Isn’t that like raw fish?
Guy #1: Man, it’s so good you don’t even taste the raw fish.
Guy #2: Then you should just take the raw fish out.

–Hunter College East-West bridge