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She Could­n’t Pick One Easy to Re­mem­ber

Old woman: I need to see the la­dy to get my PIN num­ber to ac­ti­vate my card.
Old man: They sent you your PIN.
Old woman: I need to see that la­dy over there.
Old man: I’m telling you, you have your PIN al­ready.
Old woman: Just shut your fuck­ing mouth while I see the la­dy.

–Bank of Amer­i­ca, Cham­bers & Broad­way

Over­heard by: An­na

Sure­ly He Added “Please”

Teen boy #1: Yo, why the fuck these nig­gas keep get­ting on? Ain’t no room for them.
Teen boy #2: Next bus! Next bus, please!
Teen boy #1: Ugh, what the fuck, man? What they gonna do, climb up peo­ple’s ass?
Teen boy #3: The bus dri­ver should tell them to move back.
Teen boy #1: Pssh, that shit don’t work.
Teen boy #3: Naw man, it does. Last time on the school bus, the dri­ver was like, “Stop playin’, nig­gas.” For re­al, that’s what he said.

–Q13 bus