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God Help Us All (Happy Easter!)

Old man #1: Do you know why a bunny is connected to Easter?
Old man #2: No.
Old man #1: It’s because Easter is about fertility and rabbits are animals that are always copulating.
Old man #2: Huh, I never heard about that.
Old man #1: Think about it. On Easter, you have the bunnies and the bunnies have eggs and the eggs have children in them. 

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Amanda Matteis

I Like When She Eats the Carrion

Teen girl #1: Bitches be dissin’ on Disney Channel.
Teen girl #2: Yeah.
Teen girl #1: But you know them bitches be runnin’ home to watch That’s So Raven.
Teen girl #2: It’s 7:15.
Teen girl #1: Shit, we gonna miss it.

–4 train

Overheard by: Noah Gallagher

Guys Always Get to Pee Faster

Teen girl: My Facebook password is “pee”.
Teen guy: “P”?
Teen girl: No, “pee”. P‑e-e. Like, to take a pee. I just couldn’t think of anything. It used to be “poo”. Whatever, it’ll probably get hacked by some stalker anyway.
Teen guy: Who would hack your profile?
Teen girl: My brother did it before. He guessed the password in like three minutes.

–Hayden Hall Residence elevator, Washington Square West

She Already Got Downy

Woman #1: So I fucked this guy last night.
Woman #2: Really? Cool.
Woman #1: Yeah, it was kinda hard trying to get the cum out of my work clothes…
Woman #2: Mm-hmm, I heard that vinegar and Tide can get that right out.

–B68 bus

Overheard by: Trevlond