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It’s Not Luck, It’s Plan­ning

Yup­pie busi­ness­man on cell: I don’t care who de­signed them, you’re tak­ing them back… You spent $600 on a pair of fuck­ing shoes!?Unbelievable… Ok, what­ev­er, I don’t care, this con­ver­sa­tion is over… Good­bye! [to friend] Can you be­lieve this shit?.… Lucky for her she lets me fuck her in the ass.

–46th & Madi­son Ave.

Over­heard by: Dou­glas Quade

My­Space Girl’s Fave Spot: Madi­son Square Gar­den

Chick #1: What do you want to do now?
Chick #2: I don’t know.
Chick #1: Well, why don’t we go to Web­ster Hall?
Chick #2: Where?
Chick #1: Web­ster Hall… I was talk­ing to this girl on My­Space and she said that Web­ster Hall is this up­scale lounge.
Chick #2: I could do with an up­scale lounge.
Chick #1: I agree, I’m sick of these loud-ass clubs and shit.

–Times Square sta­tion

Over­heard by: Shen

Maybe She Just Smoked Too Much

Teen girl #1: Here comes Pe­ter Cot­ton­tail…
Teen girl #2: Hop­ping up the bun­ny trail!
Teen girl #1: What the hell? It’s down the bun­ny trail, you id­iot!
Teen girl #2: How am I sup­posed to know? I was MJ’ed when I was younger.
Teen girl #1: MJ’ed?
Teen girl #2: Yeah, you know, Michael Jack­soned…
Teen girl #1: They mo­lest­ed you?!
Teen girl #2: Yes, they mo­lest­ed me and that’s why I don’t know the words to Pe­ter Cot­ton­tail… whore­bag.

–M96 bus

Over­heard by: TrEe­ShA