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The Poor Man’s Orgasmatron

Dude #1: Have you heard of the sleeper?
Dude #2: No, what’s that?
Dude #1: It’s when you sit on your hand for five minutes then rub one out. It feels like someone else is jerking you off.
Dude #2: I’m trying that as soon as I get home man, thanks! 

–Mulberry St, Chinatown

Overheard by: Jewess Jay

They Have 400 Words for “Tan”

Girl: I don’t look like an Eskimo, I have a tan.
Guy: I thought Eskimos were darker skinned.
Girl: [silence] Guy: I thought Eskimos were darker. I think their skin is darker.
Girl: [silence] Guy: I think they have darker skin.
Girl: [silence] Guy: Anyway I think it’d be funny to see you in an igloo. 

−−2÷3 train