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Makes Perfect Sense to Me

Suit #1: So she got really mad at me when I was trying to break up with her, she was like “You’re breaking up with me cause you like me too much?” And I was like “Ya, totally.” She just didn’t understand.
Suit #2: Dude, that’s rough.

–Yankee Stadium

Overheard by: two rows back

They Really Had Her Going That Time

Girl #1: Where is SUNY Geneseo?
Girls #2 and #3: Geneseo.
Girl #1: Right, but where’s that?
Girl #2: New York, it’s a SUNY.
Girl #1: Wait, all SUNYs are in New York?
Girl #3: It stands for State University of New York! How could you not know this?
Girl #1: What?! This is just like that time you tried to convince me Spain wasn’t in South America.

–L train