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The Getaway Vehicle Had 1 Horsepower

Chick: How much for a ride?
Hansom guy: 45 dollars.
Lady cop: This is the last time I’m going to tell you, get off this street with this horse. If I see you one more time on this street I’m taking the horse and I’m locking you up! You hear me? I’ll take this horse and I’ll lock you up!
Hansom guy: Ha, ha! Fuckin’ bitch.

–50th & 5th

Too Bad She Can’t Be a Hottie

Chick #1: So how did your trial go?
Chick #2: It went well, it went my way.
Chick #1: That’s great.
Chick #2: Yeah. The guy was actually nice; well, he was listed as a violent felon, but…
Chick #1: A nice violent felon?
Chick #2: Ha, ha…yeah. He tried to play the “my 88 year old dad and my wife and kids are here, I’m in rehab trying to clean up my life” card. But I put him on the stand for the whole day and caught him in all these lies.

–Broadway & 13th 

Then Explain Maxim’s Judge Judy Spread

Shopgirl #1: I can’t believe she’s in love with a guy who’s 26.
Shopgirl #2: Well, my dad couldn’t say anything if I went out with a guy who’s 28 even, ’cause he married someone like 20 years younger than him.
Shopgirl #1: Wow, is she a hottie?
Shopgirl #2: She’s a lawyer, so she can’t be.

–4 Play BK, Park Slope

Overheard by: Mr. Donutsu

At Least Then She Knew Which Student Was Leaving Her the Fish Heads

Philosophy professor: So you can see how the The Lord of the Rings did have some truths in it. Now, what was the ring called again, didn’t it have a name or something? What was that?
Student, seriously: The precious.

–Fordham Lincoln Center

Headline by: Anna M

· “And, for Extra Credit: “What Has It Got in Its Pocketses?”” — Duncan Pflaster
· “Filthy Stupid Studentses!!!” — Parker
· “I Just Gollum Like I See ’em.” — sp
· “No, I Meant Its Elven Name” — MLL
· “The Professors Like Them Raw and Wriggling Here” — Alex
· “The Rest Of the Class Just Had to Learn to Tolerate the Smell Of Dead Fish and Dirty Loincloth” — James

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