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Dart­mouth and Swarth­more Merged, and It Was­n’t Pret­ty

Teacher: He prob­a­bly met her in Dar­fur.
Teen boy: Yeah, thats it. They prob­a­bly met in col­lege.
Teen girl: Are you kid­ding me?
Teen boy: What?
Teen girl: Dar­fur is not a col­lege, it’s a coun­try.
Teen­boy: Umm, no. It’s a col­lege.
Teen girl: No, it’s a coun­try in Africa.
Teacher: She’s right. It’s a coun­try in Africa.
Teen boy: Oh, I thought we were talk­ing about the col­lege Dar­fur.
Teen girl: Right.…

–Poly Prep Coun­try Day School

Over­heard by: i know where dar­fur is.