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It In­volves Dou­ble In­dem­ni­ty

Bik­er dude #1: I’m stay­ing at that ho­tel, down by…93rd and 3rd.
Bik­er dude #2: Oh yeah?
Bik­er dude #1: Yeah, that’s where I tried to com­mit sui­cide.
Bik­er dude #2: What do you pay a week down there?
Bik­er dude #1: I got a good deal go­ing with the guy down there.

–6th Ave & 14th St, Gowanus, Brook­lyn

Pret­ty Much the Same but with More Wax

Man in el­e­va­tor, to young boy: Co­mo es­tas?
Wife: That is Span­ish. He is from Brazil.
Man: Of, course. So, how do you say “how are you” in Brazil­ian?
Wife: Meh, they speak Por­tuguese in Brazil.
Man: Yes, I know that…
Man: How do you say it in Brazil­ian?

–109th & Am­s­ter­dam