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Christ, What “Passion”

Hipster girl #1: So you’re still writing songs and performing?
Hipster girl #2: Uh huh.
Hipster girl #1: And you’re also acting, right? And modeling too?
Hipster girl #2: Yeah.
Hipster girl #1: Which would you say you’re most passionate about?
Hipster girl #2: I guess I’d have to say the modeling.

–A train

Overheard by: Ayana 

Chick: You’ve had the greatest sex with me. Right?
Guy: Yeah. I guess… 

–Hi-Life, 83rd & Amsterdam 

Overheard by: Hilla

When I Graduated 5th Grade, I Was Rewarded with Implants

Young teen boy: She obviously must wear push-up bras, cause sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s smaller!
Young teen girl: I wore push-up bras in like, 5th grade. But once you start wearing them you can’t stop, cause then everyone will know! But I don’t need them anymore, I caught up.

–F Train

Overheard by: TheKatiedidntwearpushupsin5thgrade…

Headline by: Fresca

· “But I’m Still Wearing Pull-Ups Panties” — JohnnyB
· “No Boobies Left Behind Is Working Splendidly for American Youth” — rachel
· “Overheard at Dolly Parton Junior High School” — Vasyl
· “Somewhere There’s a Salvation Army Stocked with Wonderbras…” — RaRa
· “What You Call “Catching Up” Everyone Else Calls “Augmentation Surgery”” — If I can touch em.

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Marcia Cross: The E! True Hollywood Story

Drunk chick #1: I have the best blind date story ever.
Drunk chick #2: Oh yeah?
Drunk chick #1: My sister’s friend flew from Australia to LA for a blind date, and she ended up flying to Aruba with the guy and marrying him like a week later.
Drunk chick #2: Wow. That’s awesome!
Drunk chick #1: But I think she was just, like, 35 and desperate to get married.

–Bleecker & Sullivan

Overheard by: djlindee 

We Have Ourselves a Match

Teen boy: Do you have any matches?
Counter lady: Can I see ID?
Teen boy: You need ID for matches? For just matches?
Counter lady: I can’t give you matches without ID.
Teen boy: ID for matches…what the fuck is this world coming to? 

–Bodega, Bay Ridge 

Overheard by: Tim Noonan

Cashier chick: “You’ve got cigarettes, but you don’t have matches? That don’t make sense!” We sell lighters, stupidass. Buy one.

–Walgreens, 4th Avenue