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Christ, What “Pas­sion”

Hip­ster girl #1: So you’re still writ­ing songs and per­form­ing?
Hip­ster girl #2: Uh huh.
Hip­ster girl #1: And you’re al­so act­ing, right? And mod­el­ing too?
Hip­ster girl #2: Yeah.
Hip­ster girl #1: Which would you say you’re most pas­sion­ate about?
Hip­ster girl #2: I guess I’d have to say the mod­el­ing.

–A train

Over­heard by: Ayana

Chick: You’ve had the great­est sex with me. Right?
Guy: Yeah. I guess…

–Hi-Life, 83rd & Am­s­ter­dam

Over­heard by: Hilla

When I Grad­u­at­ed 5th Grade, I Was Re­ward­ed with Im­plants

Young teen boy: She ob­vi­ous­ly must wear push-up bras, cause some­times it’s big and some­times it’s small­er!
Young teen girl: I wore push-up bras in like, 5th grade. But once you start wear­ing them you can’t stop, cause then every­one will know! But I don’t need them any­more, I caught up.

–F Train

Over­heard by: TheKatiedidntwearpushupsin5thgrade…

Head­line by: Fres­ca

· “But I’m Still Wear­ing Pull-Ups Panties” — John­nyB
· “No Boo­bies Left Be­hind Is Work­ing Splen­did­ly for Amer­i­can Youth” — rachel
· “Over­heard at Dol­ly Par­ton Ju­nior High School” — Va­syl
· “Some­where There’s a Sal­va­tion Army Stocked with Won­der­bras…” — RaRa
· “What You Call “Catch­ing Up” Every­one Else Calls “Aug­men­ta­tion Surgery”” — If I can touch em.

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Mar­cia Cross: The E! True Hol­ly­wood Sto­ry

Drunk chick #1: I have the best blind date sto­ry ever.
Drunk chick #2: Oh yeah?
Drunk chick #1: My sis­ter’s friend flew from Aus­tralia to LA for a blind date, and she end­ed up fly­ing to Aru­ba with the guy and mar­ry­ing him like a week lat­er.
Drunk chick #2: Wow. That’s awe­some!
Drunk chick #1: But I think she was just, like, 35 and des­per­ate to get mar­ried.

–Bleeck­er & Sul­li­van

Over­heard by: djlindee

We Have Our­selves a Match

Teen boy: Do you have any match­es?
Counter la­dy: Can I see ID?
Teen boy: You need ID for match­es? For just match­es?
Counter la­dy: I can’t give you match­es with­out ID.
Teen boy: ID for matches…what the fuck is this world com­ing to?

–Bode­ga, Bay Ridge

Over­heard by: Tim Noo­nan

Cashier chick: “You’ve got cig­a­rettes, but you don’t have match­es? That don’t make sense!” We sell lighters, stu­p­idass. Buy one.

–Wal­greens, 4th Av­enue