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Think We Should Tell Her What I Got Pierced?

Woman #1: Rho­da! Did you see Chrissie’s tat­too?
Woman #2: Oh no!
Woman #1: And here.
Woman #2 to teen: Are you crazy? Do you know what that shit is go­ing to look like when you get preg­nant and it stretch­es all out and hangs there? I ought to kick you both down these steps throw­ing good mon­ey away.

–Met Steps

Over­heard by: Blondie

What all Those Sperm Banks Re­al­ly do With it

Drunk hip­ster #1: Yeah…snort cum.
Drunk hip­ster #2: How could I snort cum? It’s im­pos­si­ble!
Drunk hip­ster #1: Noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble.
Drunk hip­ster #2: But it’s so sticky. I re­al­ly don’t think that’s possible…unless maybe it was in pow­der form.
Drunk hip­ster #1: Wow! We’re those guys on the train every­one wants to shut up.

–C train

Sweet­ie, if You Think Chang­ing Clothes Will Let you Blend in, You’re Even More of a New Eng­lan­der than You Re­al­ize

Boston­ian Girl: I need to get clothes for the city.
Boston­ian Guy: What’s wrong with what you have?
Boston­ian Girl: Are you kid­ding? We’re in New York City, you can’t wear North Face in NYC. They’ll be able to tell we’re New Eng­lan­ders from a mile away.

–Ford­ham Uni­ver­si­ty