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Clearest Explanation of Scientology To-Date

Girl on cell: It would be like if you made a robot with the sole purpose of killing someone you didn’t like. It wouldn’t be the robot’s fault that it killed the person, it would be your fault, because you built the robot. Unless, of course, somehow the robot had a mind of its own.

–63rd & Lex

Overheard by: Zglass

Like the Shreds of My Daughter’s Privacy?

40-something preggers: So my mother insisted on coming into the room when I had my last pelvic exam.
Other patient: Seriously?
40-something preggers: What’s worse is that she was standing near the doctor while he was doing the exam. She was watching.
Other patient: What? No way!
40-something preggers: Then she said to the doctor, ‘Can I hold something for you?’

–Gynecologist’s office, Manhattan