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Like the Shreds of My Daugh­ter’s Pri­va­cy?

40-some­thing preg­gers: So my moth­er in­sist­ed on com­ing in­to the room when I had my last pelvic ex­am.
Oth­er pa­tient: Se­ri­ous­ly?
40-some­thing preg­gers: What’s worse is that she was stand­ing near the doc­tor while he was do­ing the ex­am. She was watch­ing.
Oth­er pa­tient: What? No way!
40-some­thing preg­gers: Then she said to the doc­tor, ‘Can I hold some­thing for you?’

–Gy­ne­col­o­gist’s of­fice, Man­hat­tan