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Pret­ty Much Cov­ers It

Chick #1: So, what are you go­ing to talk about?
Chick #2: What’s there to talk about? The weath­er? Craigslist pros­ti­tu­tion? That’s all I have on my mind these days.

–Co­lum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: got­ta love those el­e­va­tor con­vos

I Haven’t Fin­ished Read­ing the Ti­tle

Chick #1: I got­ta read this book for class, and I don’t want to.
Chick #2: Oh, I hate that shit. I hate hav­ing to read shit I hate.
Chick #1: I know! I don’t want to read it! I don’t get the book, I don’t un­der­stand it — it’s stu­pid!
Chick #2: What book you got­ta read?
Chick #1: I don’t know, it’s called, like, In­creasin’ Your Brain Pow­er or some­thing.

–E train

Over­heard by: Au­gust Gal­i­fi

The Rest of You are Ac­cept­able Loss­es

Bim­bette: So, I’m think­ing of break­ing up with my boyfriend.
Friend: Why?
Bim­bette: Be­cause he cut his hair.
Friend: That’s just stu­pid.
Bim­bette: No, you don’t un­der­stand how up­set I was — he looked like he was in the Army.
Friend: So?
Bim­bette: What if the ter­ror­ists think I’m with him? They’d bomb us both, and that’s just not hap­pen­ing.

–53rd & 6th

Over­heard by: Qui­etOne