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No Steps, Ei­ther

Guy: Hey, have you ever been to Al­co­holics Anony­mous?
Girl: No, I’ve nev­er been to a triple‑A meet­ing.
Guy: No dum­b­ass, it’s AA for Al­co­holics Anony­mous.
Girl: Oh, yeah? Well what does AAA stand for?
Guy: Association…of…American…no, wait…Automobiles? Fuck, I don’t know. It’s for cars, stu­pid.

–E train

Over­heard by: Dan & John

A guy walk­ing down the steps slips but man­ages to catch him­self.

Guy #2: Nice re­cov­ery.
Guy #1: Eas­i­er than re­hab!

–22nd & 9th

Over­heard by: Ari Fleis­ch­er

There’s an SAT Ques­tion Here Some­where

Dude: Wait, who’s Pe­te?
Chick: Pe­te’s the guy who’s sleep­ing with John’s girl­friend.
Dude: Oh, right.

–Of­fice, 48th & 6th

Over­heard by: this guy

Guy #1: You mean the room­mate who sleeps naked on the top bunk?
Guy #2: No, that’s Bob­by. I’m talk­ing about Steve. He’s the one who farts all the time.
Guy #1: My bad.

–81st & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Dr. X