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Turns Out ‘The Mil­i­tary’ is a Gay Bar on the West Side

Bim­bette #1: So yeah, he de­cid­ed to quit work­ing at Cold Stone’s and go in­to the mil­i­tary.
Bim­bette #2: Oh, okay, what part?
Bim­bette #1: The mil­i­tary.
Bim­bette #2: Yeah, which part? The Army?
Bim­bette #1: No, not the Army — the mil­i­tary.
Bim­bette #2: No, I mean the Army? The Navy? Some­thing? The mil­i­tary is­n’t a sep­a­rate part.
Bim­bette #1: No, it was just a gen­er­al thing. Not a sep­a­rate part. Just the mil­i­tary.
Bim­bette #2: [Paus­es] Oooh, okay!

–Bor­ough Hall Sta­tion, 4 & 5 plat­form

Over­heard by: Tr­ish

Like, ‘You’re Not Sexy’

Guy: ‘Live Girls’? The girls in the pic­ture don’t look like sexy girls.
Chick: You’re right.
Guy: I mean, she looks mad. The black one? She looks like she wants to punch some­body. She looks like that guy from Se­in­feld just said some­thing about her.

–Ur­ban Stages

Over­heard by: Dun­can Pflaster