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Getting Stroked (A NYC Short Story)

Hipster guy #1: Oh my god, fuck the Strokes! I’m here for Eagles of Death Metal! Yeah! Ha, ha! Fuck, I love eagles but I hate death metal!
Hipster girl: Where’s Julian? Where’s Julian?
Hipster guy #2: Shut the fuck up guys, this lead singer’s fuckin’ Dave Grohl or some shit!

–Hammerstein Ballroom, West 34th Street

Girl: Was it wrong that I totally didn’t enjoy that at all?
Guy: Uh…
Girl: I mean it was like every song is exactly the same and they’re just a bunch of 6 1/2 foot tall guys in leather jackets.

–34th between 8th & 9th

The Train Whisperer

Conductor: Because of a water main break at 53rd Street, the last
stop on this train will be 42nd Street.
Guy: What the fuck?

Guy on loudspeaker: Ladies and gentlemen and conductor, the last
stop on this train will be 57th Street. You copy that, conductor? You copy that?
Conductor: Uh, the last stop on this train will be 57th Street. This
train will be going through 57th Street.

–N train