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A Tran­ny in the Clam Is Worth Two in the Tush

Art­sy 30-some­thing #1: I re­mem­ber this one pho­to­graph — this beau­ti­ful trans­sex­u­al Lati­no in a clam like the Venus de Mi­lo.
Art­sy 30-some­thing #2: Yes, I ac­tu­al­ly helped or­ga­nize that pic­ture.
Art­sy 30-some­thing #1: Oh, re­al­ly? How was she?
Art­sy 30-some­thing #2: Beau­ti­ful. She lac­tat­ed.
Art­sy 30-some­thing #1: Nice.

–Tea & Sym­pa­thy

Over­heard by: No milk in my tea, thanks.…

Head­line by: bri b


· “HeS­he’s a Lacti­na.” — Aman­da Lee

· “Out of her pe­nis.” — Kate

· “Wait un­til you see my men­strat­ing Pieta” — Sean McGurr

· “We named it Pe­nis de Milko” — Erez Schatz

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Yeah, War’s the Per­fect Time to Lose Your Faith

Pro­fes­sor: So, the gospel of Luke dif­fers from Mark in its con­cern about… [Walks across room to look at poster pro­mot­ing Iraq War protest, stud­ies it for a mo­ment, then re­turns to podi­um.] Sor­ry, I was dis­tract­ed by the war. [Stu­dents laugh.] No, re­al­ly. The things we’re do­ing right now are ac­tu­al­ly re­al­ly point­less in the world we live in. [Si­lence.] Okay! Back to pre­tend­ing my job is im­por­tant. Any­way…