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And, Like, What Kind of School In­volves Fac­to­ry La­bor?

Lati­na #1 push­ing stroller: Mi­ra! To­day was the first day of David’s school!
Lati­na #2: Damn! It start so quick­ly al­ready?
Lati­na #1: Yeah, I went to drop David and met with the prin­ci­pal. He seemed a bit shady.
Lati­na #2: Shady? Like how?
Lati­na #1: I dun­no. He was go­ing on about how he treat every­body in school like his own chil­dren. I was like, ‘Hold up! What fam­i­ly has so many kids, any­way?’

–9th & 4th