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Appearance Is All That Really Matters

Blonde: So, I told him for months that this was my weekend.
Brunette: Our weekend.
Blonde: Right, my weekend. So his parents are coming to help him move into his new apartment, and is it bad if I don’t help and I go to the Hamptons instead?
Brunette: No. Did he say anything to make you think that?
Blonde: No, I thought of it on my own.
Brunette: You look super tan.
Blonde: Thanks!

–Equinox gym

Scene from The Devil Wears Prada, Director’s Cut

20-ish WASP in fur coat on cell: Don’t you have a bowl? [Sigh] Do you have a bottle of tonic or, like, an apple or a traffic cone? Well, I’m sure there is something in your apartment I can make a bong out of.
80-ish Jewish woman: That’s an inappropriate conversation if I ever heard one…
20-ish WASP in fur coat: Whatever, that was my boss.

–Elevator, 62nd & 2nd

Oprah Is My Mommy?

Child: I’m king of the world!
Dad: Okay, now come on.
Child: Dad, what’s king of the world?
Dad: It means you’re the boss of everyone.
Child: Oh.
Dad: Your mommy — she’s king of the world.

–DeGraw & Court, Brooklyn