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Their Names Are “Delirium” and “Tremens”

Girl: What’s the deal with New York’s bagels, anyway? I mean, they’re delicious! What do you think New Yorkers do differently to their bagels that makes them so… Oh, look at you! You’re too drunk to keep up with me because I’m speaking so rapidly.
Drunk guy: I’m listening to your rabbits!


Overheard by: Evan Regas

And He Was a Big Hit

Guy picks himself and his bike up off the street while other people approach…

Latino kid: Damn, son! Did you see that?! Motherfucker just got hit!
White guy: Hit him, too, or just the bike?
Latino kid: Man, that car hit the shit outta that guy! [Answers cell phone] Yo, get down here, son. Some dude just got hit!

–17th & Prospect, Park Slope

Overheard by: Matt Hartwick