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Also, You’re a Great Coke Connection

Queer waiter: Hey! I have a question for you! If Santa came to you on Christmas Eve and told you that you were on the naughty list, and the only way to get off the naughty list is to give him a blowjob, what would you do?
Ditzy waitress: Like, oh my god, I would so give Santa a blowjob.
Queer waiter: See, I love you! This is why we are friends.

–Olive Garden

But Courage Is Being Scared and Doing What You Have to Do

Bleached blonde with lots of facial jewelry #1: So I signed up for the police exam.
Bleached blonde with lots of facial jewelry #2: Really?
Blonde #1: Yeah, can you fuckin’ imagine me as a fuckin’ cop? All you have to do, though, is pass some fucking test, and then it’s good for four years. So if I decide I don’t want to be a teacher four years from now, I can just go be a cop.
Blonde #2: Wow, there’s no drug test?
Blonde #1: Yeah, but you can get a stick and put bleach on it and then piss on the stick when you take the test, and it kills all that shit.
Blonde #2: Really?
Blonde #1: Yeah, that’s what I heard.
Blonde #2: Well, don’t they watch you or search you or something?
Blonde #1: Well, maybe, but in that case you can just do a shot of bleach before you take the test. That will clean you out.
Blonde #2: Wow, I don’t think I want to do a shot of bleach.
Blonde #1: I know — that shit’s scary, right?!

–4 train, Fulton St

Overheard by: I think arsenic works too