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Hey, Check Out My Scaly Solar Keratoses

Dude #1: Yeah, he tans all the time by the track. He uses, like, a quarter of a bottle of tanning oil.
Dude #2: Well, there’s a lot of skin cancer.
Chick: I think skin cancer is overrated. Not to be disrespectful, but is it even legitimate?

–Jamaica-bound Q30 bus

Overheard by: Liza

Freshly Shurikened Pepper, Sir?

Suit #1: When I dine out I like to enjoy my meal — savor the good food and wine — without any distractions.
Suit #2: Oh, alright, but I thought you’d make an exception for ninjas.

–Water & Broad St

But I’ll Pick Out a Nice One

Mom: Why don’t you pick out some nice earrings for me for Mother’s Day?
Little boy: I don’t have that much money. For Mother’s Day I’m getting you a hot dog.

–Gift store, the Met

Overheard by: Ki