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Your Grandfather Had a Boyfriend? That’s So Cool!

Boyfriend: Have you ever heard of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?
Girlfriend: No, wait… Isn’t that your grandfather?
Boyfriend: No… My grandfather’s boyfriend was a kleptomaniac. Every Christmas my grandfather would have to rip all the tags off of everything so that no one would know that his boyfriend stole all the gifts.

–6 train

As Close to Chivalry As New Yorkers Get

Girl crying on doorstep: Just leave so I can live my life!
Guy friend: I would, but I don’t think I should leave you. If anything, you should leave me so I know you’re okay.
Girl: That’s the gayest, most ’80s thing I’ve ever heard! [Guy, laughing hysterically, gets up and walks away.]Guy friend: Bravo — that was the best insult I’ve ever heard in my life!

–8th & Ave C