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Yeah, but I Can’t Remember Who To

Dude #1: So, when did you get married?
Dude #2: I got married four weeks ago, in Vegas!
Dude #1: Really?
Dude #2: Yeah. Apparently Elvis wasn’t wearing any underwear when he married us, and some of the guests saw Little Elvis.
Dude #1: Ugh, bummer, dude! Are you sure you’re really married?

–1 train

Overheard by: LG

They’re Even Worse

Tourist hubby: Excuse me, how can I get to Broadway?
New Yorker: Take the A, C, L, J, or Z downtown — remember, downtown — all the way to Broadway Junction. It’s fairly far, but you can’t miss it.
Tourist wifey: Wow, New Yorkers are not the assholes people say they are.

–Union Square subway station

Overheard by: Ting

Spitting All the Way

Cabbie: So, you and your husband are looking for property?
Chick: No, he’s just my boyfriend. We live together.
Cabbie: That is not good. You have to leash your camel tight or else they run away. Run away fast.


Overheard by: Friend of Unmarried Gal