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Ig­no­rance of the Law is No Ex­cuse

Man #1: Yo, man. I hate the hol­i­days.
Man #2: Yeah, I know.
Man #1: All them damned peo­ple come. Sub­ways get so crowd­ed. And yo, man, men try to stand be­hind my woman!
Man #2: That’s not right.
Man #1: I’ll hit you if you stand be­hind my woman, I don’t care if it’s Christ­mas. That’s my woman, man. On­ly I get to stand be­hind my woman.
Man #2: That’s your right, man.
Man #1: Damned tourists don’t know how it works here, man.

–4 train

Over­heard by: Red­shikari

Are You Still Hav­ing Fun?

Lit­tle girl: Look, Mom­my! Those two girls are wear­ing an­gel wings.
Hip­ster chick #1: Ac­tu­al­ly, they’re fairy wings.
Lit­tle girl: Why are you wear­ing fairy wings?
Hip­ster chick #2: We just felt like wear­ing them for fun.
Crazy guy: Hey, ladies! Nice wings. You could def­i­nite­ly be my an­gels.
Hip­ster chick #1: God­dammit. They’re fuck­ing fairy wings!

–St. Mark’s Pl

Over­heard by: Alex Rem­nick