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Let’s Re­view Those Pho­tos Again

15-year-old girl #1 tap­ping cig­a­rette box: I to­tal­ly think that these make me look classy. A per­son with a box of cig­a­rettes just looks classy.
15-year-old girl #2, gig­gling: Yeah, I don’t know what he’s talk­ing about. Cig­a­rettes look way bet­ter in a mouth than a pe­nis.

–7th Ave, Park Slope

Over­heard by: Stereo­type or car­i­ca­ture

… Or Scary Movie IV

School girl #1: I wish I had the chance to watch more old movies.
School girl #2: Yeah, I to­tal­ly know what you mean. I haven’t seen any of the clas­sics… You know, like Break­fast at Tiffany’s or Dirty Danc­ing.

–5th Ave

Over­heard by: tran­ny­smithap­ple

Nei­ther of Us Want­ed to Change

Chick: Whoa, you were mar­ried?
Guy: Yup. Six years.
Chick: What hap­pened?
Guy: Um­mm… We were too dif­fer­ent.
Chick: Dif­fer­ent how?
Guy: Well, I’m the kind of per­son who want­ed to pay off all his med school bills and live abroad for a few years. She’s the kind of per­son who want­ed to fuck oth­er guys.
Chick: [Shocked.]Guy: Hey, you asked.

–F train, York St