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There Goes That Young Man’s 10-Cent Tip

Old UES la­dy: We want to split the sal­ad. Can they do that for us?
Wait­er, pa­tient­ly: I’m sor­ry, we don’t split the sal­ads in the kitchen, but I can bring you an ex­tra plate.
Old UES la­dy: Ugh, I just find that so of­fen­sive.

–Can­dle 79 Restau­rant

Over­heard by: syp­ma­th­et­ic for­mer wait­ress

Please Do It on the Coat

Drunk hip­ster #1: Hey, are you okay?
Drunk hip­ster #2, look­ing at girl in Hound­stooth pat­tern coat: Yeah, I just did­n’t re­al­ize how drunk I was un­til I start­ed star­ing at that girl’s coat, and now I think I’m gonna throw up.

–Match­less Bar, Green­point

Over­heard by: Aria Gril­lo